besides myself

In Sisters Hope Home, I was inside a nervous system larger than me, inside another living organism. The walls were alive, embracing me. We, our bodies, were part of the circuits and metabolism of the Home. How I miss it, having returned to the illusion of being an individual, leading our separate lives.

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Crossing the threshold, leaving the known world behind. Preparing for revenge against the one witch tongue in the thought leaves an unsafe tension in my body. Revenge for the plim and palm you have to take care of. The spine wants to free itself, wants to move in the shape of ssss,…

And today I dress my body green.  – Spread myself horizontal, between poles. Drawing in and in and in. re-cover-ing as an act of letting go to carry nothing and drink the flat silence into my toes.  – I tell you no.  – Fire (no longer spreading)