Writing about it seems very odd to me. 

Like showing off a lot of pictures from it that I didn’t take…

Sharing some of the innermost fragile and interpersonal conncetions and moments that i have probably ever experienced in a different medium than they occured, to me feels a bit like dumming them down, flattening them, devaluing them, which therefore i will not do.

what I can say is that The Curious is not a mysterious being – At least not yet. The Curious – as it turns out – is mostly a creature of simplicity and mildness. 

A creature of calm, enjoying the silence, the solitude, the mild sun and the cool wind by the gate, 

the elevated tranquility by the breakfast and dinner table, intermingled with the cacafonic beauty of cuttlery against plates, glasses lifted and put down and the whispers of energy in eating and exchanging glances and affection,

the concentrated eyegazing that occurs between the involved beings at the beginning of every session, so ripe and full of anticipation and trust,

the completely undisguised profoundness of almost every single touch, glance, lingering, embrace, smile, tear and word, if ever so slight, so tiny, so seemingly unremarkable – because in this space, they never are,

The paradise that I found to be on the middle of the little bridge in the garden – a space I belive I only properly visited once, but which I know I will carry in my heart because of what occurred there,

The dreams intervowen with the awaken, in ways I have seldom before experienced,  but which seemed to disclose in much greater detail the deep and profound connection between them that now seems so obvious to me,

The familiar and somewhat still strange view of the fountain and the contemplate garden from the kitchen vindow,

The gradual sinking into a constant inhabitation of the poetic self, which will live on in my bones, my skin and my memory,

The feeling of freedom from using my voice as an instrument within these walls, and the immense and overwhelming reception for it,

the feeling of gratitude, care and love which fills these walls, this space and the beings inhabiting it,

a being who loves and cares for all of this, all the deep, beautiful wonder of this – and who perpetually feels the love and care that is felt for it from this, and who can therefore be closer

to peace.

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