The Dream Bridger

Do you remember? Can you?

Maybe it was just a moment. Maybe it was many.

Sweaty bodies packed with instruments, clowns and wonder dust.

Lose yourself in the stimuli. Tap into the


Heartmonic. Harmanic. Heartmanic. Which one is it again?

Leopard print pants. Drawing with lipstick all over your face.

While i also light the dream fire of wonder, I’ll stay a while for your rage & terror too

Quetzalcoatl playing tricks.

I bring for you a filter of wonder… or maybe of horror.

The woman of the stars. She wants to bring the Olympics

They thought she was crazy. I saw something else.

That was one of the first dream bridges.

You learn to be careful what you open.

Folie à plusieurs

Madness of many.

Don’t forget to see your own too.

What’s coming for me now.

Words of a recent past, of a recent self

I try to make reborn. Here I am now. Madness is my moniker. Laughing, kind hearts, kind face

Holding it here for you around the fire.

So you can see there is a place you can rest, let go, just feel alright

Come play with me. drums, drug therapy and dynamite

But mostly I’ll just look into your eyes and listen.

I wanna see your poetry. I wanna catalyze you.

Like a child with the soul of a grandmother

Lost loves, romance that stirs

Does it feel alright? Really? Don’t think.

Just keep going. It’ll come out

Broken jewelry strung together

Rainbow. Black. Rainbow. Black. Rainbow or Black. No. Rainbow and Black.

Fuck fuck it why fuck fuck fuck

Tranquilo amor. Tranquilo. Ahhhhh

Keep the flame going and I’ll be back for you one day.

Held in balance.

Satan – Jesus

a passionate all-nighter

Falling in love

Hah. At least thats how i remember it.

When I woke up from the dream.

I’ll let you know when I get the tattoo

But it won’t all be rainbows and butterflies

I love you. Now come with me!

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