my fingers, crawling forward
out of the hand
like melty worms
show me where
to put them

I come
with the tide
leaving everything

walls of the apartment
confined spaces
my own space
the spaces of my body
inside out

at my tongue, my throat, it’s red
as the interior of shops
on valelentines day
love blinking
heart-shaped lights

Close your eyes
my language thick with meditations
my self is ever returning
like a migrane

here I am,
hands attached

fingers all over the place
crawling but reachable
and this place is small
it can hold me
many times

I do return
organs everywhere
trust me on this

that is what it looks like
on the inside

red and juicy

blended smoothies
stings of fruit
in-between your teeth
it is a beautiful accessory
something similar is
in here
trust me

you can reach it
if you remove your hand
from your own side

Don’t listen to everything I’m
telling you
eyes continuing
deep in to the head
– tunnels –
how did you get there?
I’m hiding inside of my skin

here I am
my vision damaged by walls
everything providing a room
for something else

my mouth is dripping with
saliva right now
traces of snails on
the pillow
trapped in pillowcase

I’m not waterproof
sweat is poring out

my movments are dragging out
the water of my body
what is left?

some thing shrinking
something is closing in on me

the walls are soft and
mushy around my cells

teeth blocking the interiour
of your mouth

I am standing, sitting

I have no idea where to
deliver myself

wrapped in skin, always
in there


have a look

the c..t.ac.ion

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