Success criteria in Performance?

Performance as success criteria in itself? How do we measure success? Which criteria?

Performance as a means to reach…


New Pisa results were published on the 6th of December with DK ranking higher than the average among OECD-countries. Overall, Danish students perform better today than three years ago.

Then we must be on the right track?


When do I perform well? When I pass my exam with high grades that give access to the future. The future of education and life… What is the relation between performance and life?

The dead school performance.


The shell without an egg. Where is the egg? Where did it go? When did it leave? Is it hiding somewhere else? Can I find it?



billede1I want to find the egg. I want to find life. I want to recognize and meet it before it shrimps, evaporates or runs away. I’d rather see the egg than the shell. I’d rather not only see the shell.

The shell as surface. The shell as a comfort zone? The shell as protection. A hard but thin surface that can break.

The egg as an inner core. The egg as a substance of life. The egg can be hard and blue, white and pure, gold and rich, soft and fragile, liquid and floating, merging with substance and surroundings, with other eggs and life potential.


Performance as an indicator of who we are in school and who we can become in life; good performance as an end, an output to be measured… What am I and what can I become?


Performance as a means to co-create and open new possibilities; through the moment and into the future… How am I and how am I doing in the future?

Small Places, Large Issues (Hylland-Eriksen 2001) is the title of an introductory book to social and cultural anthropology that resonates with my thoughts upon the Takeover at Fremtidslinjen in Køge. Fremtidslinjen is an STU where a small group of employees facilitate education for and with 40 students; education that is sensitive towards well-being and sense making. A parallel or alternative education system – as in Sisters Academy. But our presence during Takeover isn’t confined to the location of Fremtidslinjen; we take part in a worldwide endeavor to make sense of education, being and being together. We take part in a laboratory where we allow new doors and entrance points to open. What we experience and learn in the Takeover can expand – set thoughts and actions in to motion…


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