◦◦◦◦◦◦Wave of Becoming

Welcome, my love.


beaming out at ∞ΩΩ ⊕Ω∞ ⋏⊙۵ m/s

to an infinite field of possibility.


Born into form,

a dance of particle,

a charm of matter.

We sing,

we breathe,

we love,

we connect through a plane,

of all that is orderly and coherent

and see the chaos behind.


The source of all sends us beads, aligning to our coherence.


The more you know, the more coherent the beads.                             ⋮


The less you know, the greater the poetic chaos.


As we collect,

we thread

🜁 by 🜁 on a string that you knot.

Can we learn to unknot our strings before our strings are unknotted for us?

To die whilst we are still alive, is to lift the veil of fear and self doubt.

To plant the seeds of excellence each day and watch them grow-

to nothing or to great trees-

is to be disconnected from an outcome

and to simply be a gardener.


When you notice the beads coming in,

life becomes

an observational intrigue.



sorrow take on new light.


We are THE WAVE.
We are here to unsettle
and to unite
in the not knowing.
We wish to
unpick you,
to show you that you
the mask you’ve made yourself,
makes you coherent,
Take it off,
we’re here to offer disruption,
to show you in this space
the impossible
becomes possible.
Be less particle,
be more wave.

Your truth is subjective.

Travel through air,

vibrate the air around,

vibrate the beads,

through song,

through breath,

through love.

Dissolve the certain.

Be the wizard, be the sage, be the eye that opens.

We are absurd and we are silly, we play, we delight in the form.

A storm of sensual chaos.

A mirror that can never see itself, despite being beings of aesthetic generosity.

Darling, be the reason someone wakes up feeling warm and fuzzy in the morning, cultivate joy. Cultivate love. What is this body if not a beacon of joy?


Add air between every thought,

space to observe,

to notice,

the beads contain more detail than you could ever imagine, every crunch of every bite, the expansion of every breath, the shade of every photon that enters your eye.

When you connect to your own experience, then to the experiences of others, we soften our gaze to see the 🜁◦◦◦◦ things as 🜁.

The Wave is relentless in itself,

but desires to become more spacious,

to add more air,

to continue to dissolve

the  p a r  tic ul a r   nature

where the pockets of knowing

and certainty gather.

We desire to beckon the silliest beads,

to be the chaotic angel,

to be the disruptor,

the calm,

the swelling of the heart.

Be less particle, be more wave.

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