wet your lips

wet your lips
she said, wet your lips
so I won't tear you apart
I wet my lips
with the tip of my tongue
the upper lip, the lower lip

her right hand reached
into my throat
pressed her fingers hard
into the tense muscles
of my past wars
I ventured into the outermost atmosphere
as pain flashed
seeking forgiveness
letting go of all I know

to float with you
to float with you
on this cloud of hurt
I listen to every bell you chime
every careful colour carressed
never insignificant; never unheard

I opened my mouth wider
and let her in
through sharp throes of surrender
trembled in my chest
cut down into the small of my back
I hear the bells of beauty
with eyes that no longer see
but delineate
this is where I am

so what is beauty?
I wonder, what is beauty?
a glimpse of eternity; unwavering
unconditional love and the now
an infinity of vibrant bells
gently stroked
the inside of my moist cheek
as she released
my sore jaws

do you trust me?
she asked, do you trust me?
I trust every shade of your soul, I thought
and recalled
the stillness of trees
as I embraced
now, wet your lips
she said, wet your lips
for the next round of discomfort

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