To Flow from the spreading fire



(i) For Flow – to read aloud














vibrating beating tissues

our constellation long and taut across impossible spinning measures.

Cotton-mouthed thick-grey turning pink red gold

I lean dangerous give myself to the plane drink your heat through pursed lips

fingertip tongue 



fine lines between teeth   

drawing you in pushing myself out. 


We rub waves




We shake our self 

our souls swaying

loose loose

atop tired soil.


We stoop to pass through narrow doorways

painted pressing and held

following ourselves

wading out into rivers we no longer recognise.

Deranged faces bob 

necks pulling

up down side side with hostility, whispers, 


or silence.

You will not see us, eyes launching into negative space the void our accidental meetings have opened.


We step we shake our s…s…souls 

the earth holding us in her turn as we push against yours with our movement

the clack-clack clack-clack

door behind growing small. 


our softness the head of your hardness 

our vulnerability our breathlessness 

our strength your violence 


we reach continue resist 

and allow ourselves to swell and stretch beyond possible beyond passable


the sky is catching



(iii) Action – visit this link

Password to watch: Flow


(iv) Action: A score – to be carried out some time after watching 


Find an open space outdoors and allow yourself time to settle, standing seated or laying. 

Let the materials shapes lines life around you penetrate your being and allow yourself to penetrate those things in return. Observe this interaction. 

Hard and soft, reach out into the universe. 

Breathe into your stomach.

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