Vivid eyes

Dearest poetic pure minds of the sun

Like looking at the same moon 

me me me me massage your solar plexus now with me


I’ve read that choosing the unknown is always the right choice , even if it doesn’t appear to give the best result . I think it’s because the result remain somewhat in the unknown

co co co co courage 

In a thousand years 

we are meaningful 

it will never disappear

give it out to what you want 

it is ours , the reality of what we did . doing . do 

Circles around us

in the realm of imagination a dialectic of contraries proceeds through objects by opposition of differentiated redefined matters


You are fun to me

The Sister told me that we have to trust each other to be authentic 

trusted others

trusting self

trust goes forth and back

the impulse does not lie

fun & fierce on the edge of your seat

hold on to it

the uplifting vibration

fun is fun


Thank you for taking care of me and gifting me with your rituals , meanings , powers , fun , eyes and treasures

Enjoying our memory
The Dramaturg

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