Lacan said the desire of man is the desire of the Others. 
I always wonder what desire is actually calling from my own soul; 
What is the truth I am searching for my own heart; 
And what is the movement moves from my own body. 
Only when I became mindful to the passive voice,
be called, be seen, be moved, 
can I desire my desire——
“Trusting the connection."

From the untamed roars 
Of the Pacific's depth
To the serene whispers 
Along the Atlantic's breathe
Savor each flake of snow on departing leaves
An embrace untasted beneath the palm's eternal eaves
After pain in the vein
After glow in my soul

If to see is to be seen
Dwell this moment longer 
Before the surrender came
To a stranger’s gaze

If to feel is to be felt
Gently lost in the consciousness
Where time and space interlace
until we are no longer you and I

If to move is to be moved
Let the body express intensity
While affect infold into this encounter

If to touch is to be touched
Tie me up while pushing me away
Leave myself to set me free

Hear my vulnerability's silent plea at last
Grasp a handful of snow, from last winter's vast
Holding tight while letting go

I dreams of one day, all we want is to have some feelings.

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