The manifistation will be taking place in less than three weeks now. This will be a new experience that will make us grow. In what way? Nobody knows. At this point it sometimes feels like a uphill struggle to get the time to do things like this. Wright your thoughts. If we only hade more time and less to do we would al feel better. Maybe the sisters experience will give us a new way of thinking about time as well. Because we must be given the time to think and reflect. I will be promoting this when i let my inner poetic self come out.

I am ”The keeper of undisturbed thought”.

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Is a sensuous approach to education one that is more collaborative, and less individual? Sharing experiences that all should relate to somehow, might be a better “can opener” that promises a common stream of thought. Teacher, Sisters Academy #01 at HF & VUC FYN, FLOW, Odense, Denmark

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