As time pass, I realize I am afraid of time.
How did I end up with being afraid of seconds, minutes, hours, and years?
I am afraid of time spent.
I am afraid of not managing to be on time.
To lose time.
To not manage to do what I want to do in time.
To not know the time.
To not having control of time.
As I run to keep time, I question myself how I can be friends with time.
How I can hold it, feel it, touch it, and appreciate it for what it is.
Movement going forward.
Movement being still.
A concept decided to arrange when to meet other humans.
As I keep running, I remember time from another time when I was not afraid of time.
It was an entry for what could happen.
As time pass, I change my speed to walking.
As time pass, the time pass.
As time pass, I let the time pass.
As time pass, I am less frightened by it.
As time pass,

The Mover.

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