also goes by the name Next Wave. Perhaps she will be Den Melankolske Livsnyder.

After her stay at the Academy she still has an eternal attraction to the maritime. She enjoyed the dissolving of time and passed on the intriguing objects-in-space game, – hoping that it will stay on the curriculum of the Academy (Air and The Untamed knows it).
If a blindfolded guided tour of the Academy should be desired, Next Wave will gladly step in to be this guide.
She also had the privilege to sleep next to the Blackbird but she didn`t have the opportunity to get to know him. Maybe next time. But the Wonderer, the Whole, the Untamed  and many others from the Academy will stay close to her melancholic heart for a long time.

 – her hands in the lukewarm water, caress the scalp and the wet hair of the person whose hair she is cleansing. Gazing out over the sea, – conchs and pirates, by-gone monsoons fill her soul with sweet sadness.

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