It is now 10 days since I left my 24 hour visit as a student in the Boarding School, Sisters Academy. I have returned at a seminar by professor Göran Krantz EDUCATION BY THE SENSES
 Cognitive knowledge and sensible learning beyond the dichotomy of body and mind, this Sunday the 6th. And in next, the last week, I will be a visiting artist, researcher and teacher for 48 hours.

During my stay as a student I visited the concert by the wonderful thereminist Dorit Chrysler at the club, and the day after just before I checked out I had the possibillity to be in the workshop she gave. Playing the theremin and being led by Doris, was so strong for me, I just cried and laughed and felt so greatful to be given this opportunity.

I had class with the Nurse, The Untamed and the Flow, and the Soundseeker. I had a morning yoga, and morningatering with the Sister who asked questions about what we would take with us, and if there was something we wanted to commit to. The young guy from Denmark told me that he started a schol that was based in performing and in role play, and in games. He took his students to different places in the world to perform and to exchange experiences with others, and fixed the financial support to the pupils that could not pay by themself. He looked very happy. I talked with some of the other students, the visiting artists and also with the teachers. And on top of this I ate 2 wonderful vegetarian meals, and walked around in a beautiful art deco atmosphere.

It was an enormesly rich experience to me. Even though i tried I could not take proper notes or write a complete diary during the stay. I was full and the imprint was total.

The whole creation worked in different layers. Inspiration for me as an artist and as a human beeing. Opening my eyes for actually who good you can learn things through directly working with art and through the senses. I had a deepened awareness and the reflections are still coming.

I read my notes that was copied, this is some extracts:

Morning gathering 31/8

”Rings on the water. Butterfly effect… for me learning by senses is opening up a both wider and a more loving way. I get happy.”

”After 2 classes I had to sit and wait for myself a bit. I sensed a more clinging sense of myself and an increased curious presence in me. And I feel the need to be more physical. To express bodily. ”

From the class of the Untamed and the Flow: ”We started to draw a body with pencil. My body was in an egg of light, very strong energy fields. We drew the shape of our own skeletons, we worked two and two and the Untamed epxlored my ribs, my ribcage, my spin, my hip structure, and then she drew what she sensed, I did the same to her.

”We did a spining circling movement, like you did when you were a child. Both ways faster and faster. I clearly could feel when the movement took over the body and a first step of flow arised. ”

The Soundseeker…”From the meditation in the end a recieved a present from myself: I heard: Your are the keeper of the sound of light. ” Thank you.  At the Soundkeeper I opened my whole hearing my whole audio sense everything became big and crystalclear, felt like coming home. ”

At the Nurse: She asked me and the other student who was a real teacher teaching childrem a question: What is time?
She told us how she saw it, that the linear time fragmented and distracted us. That finding a balance between the linear and the circular principle could be helpful, Kronos and Khora. The nurse was very powerful. She gave me some movements and I almost went in to trance in the meditation. I got so strong sense of my body. But there was more, something magical here, some coherence like a string starting to vibrate. A heightened presence.

To me time is made up, we are multidimensional creatures and we are heading to leave the 3D world, a paradigmshift.
Thank you from my heart. Love is the strongest power in the universe. It has no limits.

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