Time has passed. Time passes. So does space. So does the material.

Phenomena move in and out of spacetimematter. Or spacetimematter move in and out of phenomena.

What is a set design in one spacetimematter is lesson plan in another. What is an initial ritual in one spacetimematter is ”Quiet please!” in another. A cap is also a power structure. A red carpet simultaneously cozy and threatening. White is innocent and death. Black is safe and bold. Sound scape is calming and threatening. Quiet is boring and meditative.

Giving an account of a spacetimematter is to make room for multiplicity. Spacetimematter is not summative, nor an equation. It is temporary and transient. It is performing something new, though repeating certain patterns. We must be aware of which patterns and power structures are repeated so often that they are taken for granted. Why is this considered beautiful? Why is this gendered? Why is this considered appropriate? In what context? What society? Why? Why not?

Timespacematter is not an individual. Neither am I. Nor you.

The entanglements, the repeated patterns, the norms, the influence of culture, the common, the history, the normal. They all lurk in the background of aesthetic. De-entangle!


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