The Invitation

To be searching for keys to unlock eternities and infinities.

To be leaning into the never-ending universe and wrapping ourselves in the fabric of time.

To be diving into emptiness, the holes, the cracks in time and the tears in space.

To be dancing around dimensions with past and future selves wearing dresses of different perceptions, perspectives, potentials, possibilities.

To be gifting time and spending space on liberating potential selves and lives.

To be warping and dilating and morphing and transforming the frame named reality, the conclusion called actuality.


To be walking in gratitude before regret.

To be understanding it forwards and living it backwards.

To be knowing what you have got before you lose it.

To be ginning at “too late”.


To be found and lost

To be there and here

To be that and this

To be then and then

To be now now now now

To be noting and all


To be staring into the darkness and bringing into the light.

To be surrounded by all of our shadows and not putting up a fight.

To be gazing into the window of the other, the mirror of the self, the portals of possibilities.

To be dissolving, vaporizing, crystalizing, killing and birthing bodies, others, yous, realities.

To be never not broken or whole.

To be the other and the same.


To be.

To being.

To be being.

To being body.

To being body in space.

To being space in body.

To being space.

To be being.

To being.

To be.


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