I am quietly starting to prepare for my stay as a Visiting Artist at The Boarding School; which, however I can see now, could also be as a Visiting Teacher or a Visiting Researcher.

I would like to make space for a laboratory, where the participants can explore the many ways into knowledge.

So my question as a Researcher could be: what will happen, if we consider knowledge and learning as an initiating process, where the student is considered to be one that actively contributes to create meaning in a teaching situation, where the students can be involved in the knowledge process situation, in a more sensuous and creative way?

As a Teacher I have concepts to unfold and I would like to draw in “heavy” academic and discursive material.

As an Artist I will consider to kind of edit those concepts through a theatrical, performative aesthetic language.

I consider to do it through letting the participants use the human body as a material they can shape in to different expressions and then use different kinds of objects that can ad more layers to the interpretation.

As a starting point, or a kind of impuls for the proces, I will reveal an academic concept by showing this “fire”video, I just made:

I look forward to further thoughts of developing the laboratory.

And to see your soon!


Susanne B. Storm, DK

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