The attraction and fear of poetic living

I am excited and tense about this imminent departure. 
Living in a poetic and sensual society is how I would like to live in everyday life. 
These are the foundations on which I try to build my community and my artistic and human practice. 
I wonder what happens in living poetically without ever going out, perhaps what happens in not living poetically happens; 
the risk is that of falling into the death of poetry as well as the dream. 
Living poetically involves putting yourself on the line, an openness that doesn't always live within me and which needs to be trained. 
I fear intensity in this period of my existence. 
I want to live by beauty and I love helping people rediscover the beauty within themselves and the beauty that exists in the world. 
This is my mission. Can intensity be gentle? This is my starting question and at the same time my hope.

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