Still moving The Dramaturg

Can I describe only the first moment we see each other for the first time? 

Will everything after just appear by itself when the moment has past? How you will see me in that moment. One thing I know is that I’ll be in a frame. I’ll try to be still, so that you can imprint the image. Give you time to initiate your own resonation. Reason with me as I am bound to move at some point. Don’t worry I haven’t moved yet. And don’t forget your own part in what I do – in what I am – one collective mind. 

Safety and fear walks hand in hand. I hope you will squeeze their hands tight as well. Walking images standing strong together. From Image to movement – from movement to image. Searching for a backdoor to the poetic. Where the performative points out views of the norms. What strange words for us – “performativity” and “norms”. I hope that when moving between norms, we will find out that they are more flexible and fleeting than when trying to run away from them. 

The first time you look in your own eyes – looking at you – you are looking back as you walk towards your shadow. So confusing, isn’t it lovely? Lose your mind, it always comes back. There it is! Throw it away as far as you can – before we even met.

I tried to describe only the first moment we see each other for the first time and maybe I failed

we will see each other 

to be sure


– Standing still Dramaturg

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