Stepping deeper into the mystery_UNTAMED

I have been looking at this young man for a long time.

In my opinion he has been longing/searching to take a step deeper into the mystery – but he don’t know how.

I could tell in the morning gathering he is enjoying it. He wants it. He wants to emerge.

His name is unknown – he haven’t found his poetic name yet – it will come – for now I will call him the young man.



The Sister talks to me about the young man – that he is ready to take another step – it was like she incourage me to guide him.
I take that very serious – because I am the young mans teacher at Sisters Academy – so if I see a crack in him – I have the responsibility to guide him to my best ability. To try to help him flourish though that crack. Not that i know better then him – i just have a little more experience then he has. Together we can make it happen. So I take the task. Stepping into the pedagogical dilemma; me (the other) trying to help him (the one) to find himself.

How can I help another person to come closer to himself?

What is the method? What is the way? I do not know.
But I trust that we can find out together – the young man and I.


I ask him to come down to the basement later that day. He has a hard time

understanding my words. The strange melody of an unknown language. But he says yes when he understand that it is an invitation.

YES he says.


And I go down and wait. I wait and wait and wait – until I can’t wait anymore. I am very unpassion when I am alone. Nothing really happens when I am all by myself. The action happens when I am more then one – more then me. I need others to expand.

So I go upstairs and find him and take him down to the basement – my tableaux – my rules – my time – no time exist down here. Only us.


The young man is nervous – but curious. He has a hard time eye gazing – I think he thinks that it is weird.

I give him the blindfold on. I want him to trust me and to open up his senses.

I start walking with him. He has some resistens. I can feel it in my arm around his waist – that he is a bit heavy – holding back.

Why is he holding back?

Is he afraid?

What is he afraid of?


I guide him around. We walk backwards, forwards, sidewards. I don’t know where we should go. I just want him to trust me. If he trust me we can go everywhere. But first TRUST.

We walk more backwards and run – as fast as he dare…


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