Sun unions with Dramaturg

Dear students in the sun

I’m looking forward , feeling upwards to seeing you very soon

I’m so excited it’s hard to contain in my body . I’m longing to see and get lost in your eyes , but I’ll try to save it for a special moment . I hope you don’t feel my covered eyes as a distance between us . I’m seeking the intimacy in the bodily presence

Questions may arise – how to know who you are speaking to ? Maybe it doesn’t matter . And one word is much like another, we might as well combine them

I . Image . Imago. Imagining is like praying to our oversoul . The imagination goes up up up passing gravity and seeping back down like raindrops falling from your eyes to your cheeks when standing bravely in the unknown of how your imagination will manifest

I want to meet you with a confidence that mirrors , but don’t ever think that fear is not near me . Comforting it is to participate in your bravery of seeking the unknown

Love from Dramaturg

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