Sisters Academy #5 – The Takeover, Fremtidslinjen: Dreams for the future of education by guests at Open House

Non scholae sed vitae

Multible entrances to make sure that there is real a learning environment for all.

I dream of an educational system, that connects the working industry more. I am hoping that the industry and educational environment collaborate.

The educational system should have a place for all


More sense of community

Bodily activity to activate the senses

Learning without a faultfinding atitude – more what were right

The future form of education should not be focused on jobs, and what to ‘become’ when you ‘grow up’ but to learn to love and accept yourself

That everybody gets the most out of their ability.

That everyone knows that they are perfect as they are and that whatever the future holds for them will be OK

More collaboration inegration between academic work & practical.

More value to the practice-based subject

Education for all young people.

The sick ones too. “Psysical”.

Dancing tranformation

  • Learning without struggle
  • Learning to listen and go with the flow






  • Of my body
  • In the eyes of my teachers
  • Of beauty




To work in a kindergarden




I wish for all individual students, that they during their period of education will find their own personal way/next step. Getting closer to their inner dreams.

I wish for silence, harmony and balance

My dream is for education to be personal and relatable. To make education that is functional for everyone, that changes per person and lets students meet across age, abilities and interests. Education that is interest-driven.

I dream for a school system that tillader alle til at være hvem de er og at man indser at karakterer ikke er vigtige og lærer at være dem selv og kreative.

Teaching in the locations where your mind and body is co-operating.

A place where you can feel you are there, and maybe also going/growing to somewhere nice






Acceptance of difference

I would like the university to be less rigid and more spiritual. I han FUN writing my master thesis – empower students so they feel safe making decisions that are true to what they want not what they ought to!

I dream about a future educational system with a critical approach to contemporary society and history.

More aesthetic, artistic sensuous “experiments” like this


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