Show yourself

Sister Hope Home is a few days away and we are curious about our inhabitation exploring the poetic and sensuous modes of being and being together.

Our aesthetic inhabitation will be driven by a curiosity of exploring the collective wisdom and intuition.
The past year has introduced us to and brought awareness to the power of trusting the existing knowledge and experiences of a group, and we are excited to bring that awareness into our inhabitation. How does the collective wisdom reveal itself in an environment holding the values which are present in the Sisters Hope Home? And how might we utilize collective wisdom and intuition as a guiding tool in our lives? These are the questions that will guide our research.

Furthermore, our inhabitation will be a time of integration experimenting with how personal integration manifests while inhabiting the poetic and sensuous values and practices.

Personal integration has, intentionally or unintentionally been a life-long practice of which we have given more conscious attention to the past couple of years.

We look forward to exploring how our personal integration practices evolve as inhabitants and how we might find new ways/values/principles to integrate from.
We are excited to show up and lean into a world governed by the aesthetic paradigm. We are ready to let go of what is, detach from what we know, to discover what could be, if we live by and inhabit more poetic, sensuous and aesthetic sets of values.
As we second by second come closer to our inhabitation, we slowly start stripping ourselves down from what we know, so that we upon arrival can show up as naked as possible to receive the new sensations and realities that will show itself.
We are ready to be led by the emerging energies, and give into the flow of what will emerge through this experience.

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