at the boarding school Inkonst

I (M. Collins) transform an ordinary corner to a

”Speakers Corner” or ”Wisdoms Corner”

In this site, active engagement is encouraged for visitors to REUSE their words, REMIX their meanings and RECLAIM their power and freedom of speech.

A new sense of place and power will be explored at this site.

Express yourself

Welcome to participate and re-create!

a wise corner

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At the end of winter, as the surroundings seem so everlasting gray, I will try to turn into something more than myself. Into that beyond myself. I will further develop myself. In the darkness I will open my eyes to see what’s there. Try to find relevance. Try to define…

A student has documented her journey through Sisters Academy #6 – The Boarding School at Den Frie in drawings and was so kind to share them with us. See them here.