Relation between performance art and teaching – a rough draft


Central to this page is a conventional understanding of Performance versus Teaching

Each mode of interaction has a set of inferred qualities. Here, the claim is that Performance (as in performance art) poses questions, while teaching delivers answers.

Teaching presupposes knowledge, which can be correct (or incorrect), it has a number of sources (books, images, films, etc.) and is generally understood to need acquiering.

At the same time, Teaching includes methods, which can be used precisely (or imprecisely), in terms of models, progression, internalisation, automation, etc. They are supposed to be applied to the material (the knowledge).

These two parts coming together, is the aim of teaching. This presupposes an inclusion, causing students to GROW.

Performance has a playfulness about it, in order to push boundaries, allowing you to be yourself or someone else.

In performance art, everything is real, blood is blood, pain is pain, you enhance what is there already. Thus, the teacher looks for a relevant WHAT. Students acquire access to this WHAT in order to study it, to apply it.

The sensual experience vouches for a holistic approach to a subject matter. The question remains: what is the relationship to learning styles in terms of methodology?

The alienation within this paradigm opens for new questions, ?, and challenges conventional points of view.

Thus, the aim of performance seems to be exclusion in order to shake, challenge, awaken the student.

How do they come together in a new paradigm of knowledge in society?

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