Putting down roots

Putting down roots can be scary.

The deeper they grow, the more painful the uprooting will be.

Is it worth growing roots in a place if we know we will not remain there?

We constantly struggle with the impermanence of existence. Home is a story we tell ourselves, in which we do not have to face the fact that this too shall pass.

The truth is that no home is ever permanent. The house we buy for our children or the land we conquer for our people will eventually be washed into the sea, or swallowed by the Sun. More probably, life itself will have us flowing off somewhere else long before inevitability has a chance to catch up.

Is it worth putting down roots, when we know we are nomads at heart?

The question might as well be: is it worth connecting with people if we know they will not remain right in front of us for the rest of our lives?

The answer rings out each time we meet each other’s eyes, or melt into one another’s embrace:


It is worth reaching out. It is worth putting down roots.

Over and over again.


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