I met perfection at the top of the tallest tower you can imagine

of solid black rocks

heard the voice from my bed of white feathers

mesmerized by her song

walking the air stone stone stone steps

to the very top of the tower

there I found perfection

the most beautiful siren

with black velvet wings and a black surface on her face

she sang to me

– here I am, here I am

waiting to hold you –

but as I reached to hold her

she spread her wings and jumped

floating towards a lonely horizon

beyond the sleeping ocean

perfection stayed with me

as the tall black tower embraced me

enveloped my trembling body

with its entire massive weight

so perfection became my heavy skin

to protect me from your eyes and touch

but longing so to hear again

if I could listen through walls of perfection

to the voice of the beautiful siren

from the top of the tallest pile you can imagine

of warm human bodies

bl oo m

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