My speech in Rhetorics about Sisters Academy

I chose my speech not to be very long because its more like a rhetorical conclusion and it doesn’t have to be long when its only supposed to make you question these two weeks:

“In this universe you get so many impressions. So many things that makes you wonder. It can be good or it can be bad. But the question is; what can you bring with you? Which learning method could you use to bring out the best of you? And were there really any method that did you good or did you just not respond on any of this? Were you openminded? Did you celebrate the universe with open arms or did you just find out that this was not for you?
Now you probably have a lot of answers to my questions but don’t answer. Just think about for a moment what you learned, of what you didn’t learn and what you want to bring with you.
During these two weeks on Sisters Academy I’ve learned that school is so much more than sitting on a chair and reading a text. it brought me knowledge – even from the first day – about how I learn differently from just sitting on a chair to telling a story with my entire body.
Like many of you I have been openminded. We took the universe in and now we have to take the universe with us. Not everything. Just the parts that helped you, did you good. The parts that worked for you. The parts that you felt made you a better student. And thats what I am going to do; I am going to take the good and creative learning, the good energy and the reflection of what didn’t work for me with me from now on.
I am gonna be that better student because of Sisters Academy and I hope that you will so too.

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