Final blog entry

Rapture shuns remembering – like dreams when waking. Shared joy is not accustomed to explanation, an invention to measure lightness is yet to be discovered. But some dreams do stay with us, and are Blueprints of the Future. The time at the academy is one of them.

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A publication on Sisters Academy is out. ‘Discoveries’ is a compilation of thoughts, reflections, writings, drawings, dreams and longings from students and staff at Sisters Academy 2015-2016 selected, framed and edited by Maja Skjøth Hegelund in dialogue with the artistic leadership of Sisters Hope. The publication takes its starting point in…

In the beginning of something new you always have a lot of feelings according to the given event.  It could be anxiety, joy or wonder. All the feelings and thoughts are rushing around in your body.  Maybe you are scared of the changes around you and inside you, you know…