Last reflection of Ryslinge Højskole – The Leviathan

The rime I have spent being a part of the Sisters Hope performance method here at Ryslinge Højskole will forever resonate with me.
I feel that I have learnt so much more about both myself and the sensuous world in general. There has definitely been a lot of lessons along the way, som of them probably lifelessons.
Exploring my poetic-self is on thing i will never forget, living in sand, watching others relieve their forgotten past, and people giving themselves lessons in my tableaux. Going in to the whole Sisters Performance world and the sensuous society in general, was really new and… not scary, but like still intruiging and weird but in a good way.
I will always cherish the time I spent in The Sun with my fellow students, The Green, The Guardian, The Phoenix, and The Moonchild.
And i will probably remember all of our guest performers/teachers too, every one has made som sort of impact on me.
The Leviathan will stay with me forever keeping the lost and the forgotten, and will be there to be a more poetic and sensuous side of me.
Thank you myself, for everthing.
Markus Snorre – The Leviathan

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