The Missing Touch.
At a time, a star high above all of the others were overwhelmed by the beauty all around it. It shed a tear, and the teardrop fell straight down and was clear as a crystal. The teardrop had no edges, no sharp points, sides or corners on the outside, but still it reflected the light from the suns and moons all around it, creating bright colours and until then unseen figures of light. The teardrop kept on falling, passing down between all of the different layers, levels and stages of life in the heaven, the sky and on multiple places on earth. It could only notice details and clues from the paths it has just passed, and would never know what was about to arrive. It seemed to always feel behind, since it only saw what had just been. From its point of view, hundreds of layers could be observed, and at the center of this cylinder of places and times, were the stars from where it originated. Still sparkling in the distance.
Eventually, the teardrop landed after falling for what had seemed to be an eternity. It landed on a silver sphere, floating at the bottom of this shaft of worlds. The imprint the drop had made upon impact with the sphere, was the shape of a body lying on its back. A body which rose from the silver, molded by the scattered teardrop. It was perfectly adjusted to the curves of the sphere, and as it was lying there, everything seemed still for a moment. As if it was weightlessly floating, with a lightness, slowness and elegance not often seen. But all of a sudden, the silver foundation dissolved and so it was the body which fell through a tunnel of time and place that was already in the past.
The Missing Touch exists in an eternal fall of trust, putting her faith in the elements, bodies and energies around her. But most importantly in herself. She will land safely.

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