You can call me The Hiker: The Hiker who travels with nature. I fly with the wind, fall with the rain, sail with the oceans – at least when I am free.

I was born a long time ago, deep in the dense, green forest. With a strong connection to the essence of nature, I feel the way nature feels. Sometimes this is a good thing, but nowadays it is mostly not.

Although I am able to talk, I prefer to listen. That is why I collect stories, stories from other hikers who travel our universe. It happens, however, that we exchange stories with each other. I also collect small parts of our world. I keep what other hikers have left behind and somewhere along the road these small parts transform from being junk to becoming valuable objects with inherent stories. I believe not only everyone, but everything, has a story to tell.

Besides these objects, and these stories, I do not want to own anything at all. Nature prefers to carry me without superfluous possessions.

I live nowhere and everywhere. Most of the days I move freely through space and time, but on September 6, I temporarily move myself and my practise to Inkonst. Still I have a lot to learn about my poetic self.

The Hiker // Karin

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the air swam a little different in the days following the fire as though held in a state of impassioned disbelief an imposed shock or awe – in breath not quite lost but caught – by oils, and the scene of now blackened embers, charred brick beams of the roof…

We were invited to present our work at the annual meeting of ‘Landsforeningen for Børn, Kunst og Billeder’. The annual theme is ‘Into the arts out in the world’ and Sisters Academy was suggested as a prism to perceive this theme and the overall activities of the organization through.