You can call me The Hiker: The Hiker who travels with nature. I fly with the wind, fall with the rain, sail with the oceans – at least when I am free.

I was born a long time ago, deep in the dense, green forest. With a strong connection to the essence of nature, I feel the way nature feels. Sometimes this is a good thing, but nowadays it is mostly not.

Although I am able to talk, I prefer to listen. That is why I collect stories, stories from other hikers who travel our universe. It happens, however, that we exchange stories with each other. I also collect small parts of our world. I keep what other hikers have left behind and somewhere along the road these small parts transform from being junk to becoming valuable objects with inherent stories. I believe not only everyone, but everything, has a story to tell.

Besides these objects, and these stories, I do not want to own anything at all. Nature prefers to carry me without superfluous possessions.

I live nowhere and everywhere. Most of the days I move freely through space and time, but on September 6, I temporarily move myself and my practise to Inkonst. Still I have a lot to learn about my poetic self.

The Hiker // Karin

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