Hmmmmm (Bumblebeeeee)

Yes, Entering the Home felt seamless, smooth and easy.

But re-entering Existence on the other side: how amazing a transition! (And almost paradoxically so – if it had been anticipated as a separation, a leaving, departing.)

What a celebration for my senses, to be so suddenly exposed to and wholly in touch with the natural elements again!!!

Welcome, embraced, greeted, held, guided, be-gifted…… caressed by the breeze, kissed by the sunlight, drawn in and filled up by the green, quenched by the moisture in the air…… smiled upon, allowed, blessed.
And just to make sure any last hint of disbelief is evaporated, a bee appears, practically taking me by the hand. Yes, this is how it feels to be walked home!

What stays is a hummm… A pulse, a vibration…. Carrying energies from a real atmosphere, experiences, encounters that are now part of me. An intimate echo of multi-, sub- and hyperlingual conversations with other marvelous beings, stories shared and worlds evoked on the most diverse wavelengths and amplitudes. A resounding new thread in the weave of my endless inner Ode to Joy, alive with the fresh sensation of having been touched and of being able to touch.

Right now, nothing else matters. I am simply meant to bee.

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SPREADING pressure contact by the tips of my fingers and squared edge of your thumb, hairs matt and clipped through torn tracks in my elbows and knees, freshly formed and reformed. The new flesh unfurls and smiles away, reveals a mouth of rose and scarlet soft, slick to the air…