Her Porcelain Spirit

A moment of silence, breath eye contact, clay contact..

Two magic days…

The Tide helped me to cray

The rose show me the master in transformation

The Spreding fires aura was so blue

The Mouse enter the bathroom with all the complex energi from the outside and left the room calm and more grounded.

The Goddess asked me about the moon, the moon is Augustine, Augustine is my guide to intuition and flow…

The porcelain chapell helped¬† us to heal our spirit and the spirit will always return back to where it came from. The spirit fly with our wishes….

We enter the church and talk about the fact that our bodies will become clay when the spirit has ben absorbed …..to hold the former life between our hands and help the material to ground ourself.

Creat a ritual with onknown objects to stay calm and silence and trust the intuition to guide you to the next step..

Reflektions about going in and out of the poetic self to bring the poetic self out in everyday life as a state of mind and not somthing we act….

I feel a deeper and deeper need of doing this important work to help peopel to reconect to themself and show them the way to be abel to open there hearts and listen to there intuition….

I walked out of the Sun more grounded, silence and more in contact with myself.


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