dinner with a stranger

sitting down to dinner

we removed our skin

and dared to look

into the silence

passed the illusion of flesh.

a shining spirit clings to a skeleton

their teeth chattering

afraid of the dark / afraid of the light

there is a distant piano chord and the teeth,

ivory keys now,

disperse and travel in sea-shell patterns

into the pit.

into the pulse.

we hung our faces on the washing line for a while.

i look at the intangible who(?)

who is now sitting in front of me.

a cloudburst of wanton gold

of nothing and everything

and an ancient brass coin spinning in-between

i see

i see

i see

a pink waterfall

a river losing its way to the sea

blue stones of shimmering flint

there was a candle flickering


in the mass

and a huge featherless baby-bird bursts wet from the memory of a ribcage

and howls

i see slowly moving mountains

fine lines of white quartz

tunnels with no way back

i see a single matchstick twiddling its moustaches

awaiting a striker

a bed of velvet cushions and rose-pink petals

i see many hands


i see a child dressed all in white

i see eyes


and deer

i see horse-heads and sandstone and ropes

i see screaming and laughing

and birth.

i whisper

“i see you.”

and she says

“i feel it”

– love from only skin

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