decantation. the natural phenomenon of separating different elements over time and gravity. no tools.

time. we are given time. more than ever, more than we are used to, more than we think we need. we just stand there, we just stay, we only are. we are kindly brought to stillness. and so, we allow space for gravity to reach us.

gravity. gravity is constantly there pulling everything to the center, grounding ourselves. when it is done in stillness, though, it becomes visible. the liquids barely move, they don’t drain off, and they don’t fill up either. but it becomes clear. and clearer and clearer. the solids start to slowly find their way to the bottom. each particle, once and always lost in the immersion of liquids, finds its way to a single place where it can find the others.

and just like that, by allowing movement without motion, we know exactly what is liquid and what is solid. then, and only then, can we really see our true composition. to then decide if we pick the particles away, or shake the whole container again. this time, knowing what mixture we actually are.

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