Death, Love -> direction Home…

For the Sisters’ Academy Inhabitation, I will be coming as visiting researcher to re-define the experience of Home and continue my Life ~ Death ~ Testament project.

What I really want from afar right now is listening and seeing and tasting beyond bold edges of space and its inhabitants.

I will also be performing, together with Co-habitants, a series of rituals on sensous death and symbolic testament.
The place: in my bed-tableux
The Time: somewhere in time that will be gently spaning between 13-oct-wednesday and 14-oct-thursday 15:30-15:30. The year is still 21.

Yesterday the Home was barely a dream. The defining # is I*


As today, in stage II*, which is life, Home is really there, bodily inviting

Tomorrow, stage III*, which is after-life, mine and yours… domestication is a needed one

* concept of stages borrowed from Gustav Theodor Fechner and his ‘The little book of Life after Death’.

Iwona Rejmus
Iwona Rejmus

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