With The Untamed I learned patience in awareness and how to bring another into that very space of awareness. With The Gardener I learned to measure one’s words by one’s actions in subtle yet heart-warming hospitality. With The (w)Hole I learned trust and the naked emancipation of one’s desire as a nurturing power. With The Connector I learned the deep confidence and the grounding of strength without ego, mutuality without debt and care without violation. With The Mechanic I learned sharpness and quietness of wit and lightness of presence. With The Air I learned to savour what is before me, to receive without asking and to communicate need without shame. With The Shape-Shifter I learned the instinct of emotional timing and how to perform the tearing down of interpersonal barriers. With The Chain Hand Pianist I learned discipline in passion and to take the risk that is the vulnerable core of excellence. With The Sister I learned from a distance how to choose the right distance in order to be always present. With The Link I learned that respect can be earned, but it must also be given freely, and that gratitude can sustain when other food is scarse. With The Protector of The Archive I learned the soft pain of missing and knowing you will be missed, and the responsibility of holding on to that which must pass but not without a trace. With The School Nurse I learned that there is always a second chance to connect if one is willing to retrace one’s steps with understanding in sight, and that to be generous with one’s gift is a gift in itself. With The Sound Seeker I learned how to make a home without chaos and still nurture the freedom one requires in order to breathe. With The Wonderer I learned how to step through walls and find myself on the other side. With The Gaze I learned that to care for one’s space inspires others to become better at finding their place and inviting other’s in. With The Alien I learned to be in wonder always and still delicately awkward, while mastering the complicated steps of the choreography of being yourself while allowing other to do the same (oh, and how it is never ok to be “svag” – in swedish). With The Flow I learned to smile when passing another by in corridors, to meet without trespassing and to use the name you give yourself as key to open doors. With The I I learned to wait and learn by waiting with your eyes open. WithBrønden I learned how to immerse and how to hold on to whatever is needed to pull one another back from the depths. WithThe Island I learned to sit in corners without hiding, lie in the earth you carry along and let the world come through. With The Veil Lifter I learned to look twice, touch once and listen to every word for the passion of the speaker. With The Mortal I learned nothing at all and was thankful for it, her absent presence a constant reminder of the weight of the inner world.


Thank you for lovingly carving a haven for experience, intimacy and renewal in our, most times, sleepy and distracted world and challenging the sometimes lazy dreams we allow ourselves to dream. Love. Thank you.

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Sisters Hope has been selected for the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering in Beijing this year which explores the theme of Towards the Unknown: Imagining the Future. It takes place between 17-24 August 2018. We will present our work, including our concept Sensuous Learning and the Sisters method.