Hang your wreath on the door, hang your wreath on the door, so that the evil spirits can not enter.

Through community-creating rituals, we connect to material, history, body and to each other.

Material: Intestines.
A container, a cover, a passage.
Slippery, waterresistant and seethrough.
When dried: light, delicate and crisp.

Used as a material for raincoats and windows in the arctic area.

Inviting you to explore intestines as a material you can sew in and use for sculpture and installation. Investigating  terms such as ‘sewing power’ and ‘the inherent narrative of the material’, where sowing is used as a ritual and the encounter with sensual material is a catalyst for storytelling.

Continue the journey of finding ways of making strong, heartful connection to one self and ones surroundings through the aestetic use of materials.

Love / Rulle

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