Be Like A Strong Tree That Can Not Be Moved

What is my method?

To Be Like a Strong Tree that Can Not Be Moved.
When I feel afraid and get nervous – I will not Move.
When I want to run away – I will not Move.
When I feel sad – I will not Move.
When I feel anxiety – I will not Move.
When The FUCK FACE fill up my mind – I will not Move.

I am practice to stay, stay in it, with it – and use it!

I am not moving – but I am dancing with the power of the Wind.
I drink the Drops from my leaves – that are likes Pearls on a String.
My Roots are Weaved together to the Earth – which make me strong and stable.
My Roots are reaching into the Unknown Mystery of Mother Earth.
My branches are weaved together with Air and I am reaching for the Sun.
The Flaming Power of the Sun – that give me power to grow and to become
what I am.

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