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After each visit I wonder how to bring your knowledge overseas, closer to my home. How to even begin to explain what I experienced, wrap into words what should be touched, inhaled, felt through the pores of the skin. Minutes stretching to infinities while sipping tea with a little spoon in the middle of the afternoon. The vibration of all the other bodies moving through me like a soft breeze. I lean against the train’s window, the smell of the ocean still lingering on my clothes. What I can always bring home is the light you set inside me. I can let myself be fragile, like a shell ready to be cracked, new life flowing into me. I can leave space for the unknown and nurish the light until it beams out of me and there is no more need for words to explain.

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and so enter into a strain of elderflowers crystals dropping from above blossoming off the minds and fingertips behind the gate a love blossoming off fingertips familiar eyes once discovered a resting earth waiting for a moment to strike the sun sets into a night a gentle fever never-ending spirits…

– with an eternal attraction to the maritime. Her hands in the lukewarm water, caress the scalp and the wet hair of the person whose hair she is cleansing. Gazing out over the sea, – conchs and pirates, by-gone monsoons fill her soul with sweet sadness.