April 24.

Entering Den Frie.
In my imagination:
Entering Sisters Academys Boarding School #6.

Envisioning. Seeing. Inner vision opening.

Entering the innermost room at the right.
Seeing the octagonal-shaped window.
Seeing the wall.
Seeing how the room is naturally divided in three.
Three stories.

Envisioning The Hands transforming the room, making the three stories spring into reality.
Using scaffolding, building two new floors in the room. One on top of the other.
Three-folding the possibilities.

Seeing the three storeys.
The bottom floor swimming in darkness. Red velvet walls. Intimate spaces. The cosyness of Sisters Academy.
The middle floor red, velvety intimate.
The upper floor bathing in sunlight. Filled with plants. Seeing myself watering the dracena, the monstera, the philodendron. It’s a hot jungle. An Eden. A Paradise. The home of Adam and Eve.

Secret ladders and slides connecting the floors.
Pathways leading up, pathways leading down.
Three-dimensional movements now possible.


Walking on.

Entering the innermost room at the left.
A similar room.
Doubling the possibilities.
Three floors unfolding for the inner vision.
The Light is creating.

Oh, happiness.
Oh, possibilities.
Oh, expanding the space.

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