and re-exist

… a Visit  :8

many things Found and Losses mourned
familiarity  AND  alienation
in  AND  out  AND  in-between
beeing  AND  doing
give  AND  take
yes, no

Mind  &  Gut
dried up  AND  oozing
allow, hold, wait, release
singularity – transition – simultaneousness

past . PRESENT . future

(with) You

All included ?

on our way Home … 8:

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Waking up with the birds, the cool spring air, the water everpresent in the body of the city, the bodies that inhabit you, that you inhabit. I breathe you in. Even before walking outside, I sense the morning light touching my skin. To be (with)in and besides time.

Jeg synes det var en god oplevelse, og jeg kunne godt lide at man ikke vidste hvad der skulle ske. Jeg synes man skulle ligge på gulvet i rigtig lang tid og kunne ikke koncentrere mig til sidst. Der måtte godt være to eller tre, som tog os ind ad…