Abyss / New Born

Now fading

Touch turning into
fingers melting into skin

Burning through flesh

Marking our bodies

ash traces

like sod from The Spreading Fire


Going, going, gone

I have only just begun

Oh how sorrowful and exciting

this parting

Sounds of tears and snorts coming from my right

As we sigh our goodbyes

visually impaired

Am I

mist clouding my insides

blurring vision

blocking out ..

preventing me from realizing that this is the end

ever so melancholic and nostalgic

how I love and cherish this state

But I do fear it as well

I have carved out tunnels in myself

inner erosion

tender loving care



standing in front of an abyss


falling alone



fitting together
so perfectily warped
into a collective poetic body

now scattered across the floor

or the roof

of the cosmos

like a planet swallowed up by a black hole

now transforming into something new

another kind of life

like a ray of light or

pearly dew drops on rose petals

footprints in clay

I remember

the fields

the feels in the fields

the early days; with coconut oil and charcoal

one big poetic mess

in the Nest

dreamy eyes

wild hearts

voracious appetites

quivering bodies

pulsating minds

alertness turned aloneness turned aliveness turned a

i don’t know where to end this rant



The Rose

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