Home again.  At our Home in Belgium. 

I left Sisters Hope Home last week but I make no distinction between these homes when the quality of life that I long for is concerned.

The structure of the day is different, there’s another set of choices concerning colours, sound, ways of interaction and all that. For one: internet is here. And, also important to me: the wide range of communication tools, including space and materials for much creativity.

I was immersed in Sisters Hope Home and adjusted to that proposal. I left with a load of sometimes conflicting ideas, but – more so – a strong choice to create a sensuous’home’ wherever I am.

How to do so? I’ll firstly take my time to ‘harvest’. Clarify what the inhabitation week meant for me and how I want to go on from there. I also will study Sisters Academy ‘Education for the Future.’ And, of course, let it all infiltrate my writing, my starting grafic creativity and surely my work on stage.

Starting my 75 year in life in some days, there’s a lot to look forward to.


My hands are open, my heart warm, my mind awake. Here I am. Ready to leave Belgium and head for Hedehusene.

And yes, vulnerable too. But that’s not a problem. On the contrary, it’s completely part  of what it takes to be a man alive, able to be mindful, compassionate and loving. Sisters Hope has a quality proposal. So I’ll go to Denmark.


It’s a house. A home. In Hedehusene. Meant for in-habitation.

But I’ll dive deeper. It’s not about ‘just being there’.  It’s not just living together for some days, eating there, sleeping there.

It’s about giving it all. How else find out what a sensuous society might bring!

So, up to me to go for an completely immersive stay. Not minding these hesitations but accepting the uncertainties and go anyway.


Questions at the start: What is my poetic self? Where is it? What does it do? To me? To others? Don’t I need to have clear answers to these questions prior to my arrival at Hedehusene?

Now, it’s easy to make a list of questions like these. But they are not my priority. My priority, is this statement: Yes, I have, I am a poetic self.

And I go even further: it’s nothing special. It’s about the same PIECES that are part of the man that’s doing the dishes, taking care of the garden, talking to his grandson, having a shower, writing a letter to a beloved friend. Whatever. All that. All.

But then, why call it ‘my poetic self’? I have only this answer: I cherish this quality that changes the every day into art. And I’m starting to recognize how it works. It’s a slow process, mind.

There’s a direct connection to my happiness, so, for sure I bring it to the center of my life and give it a honorific name. These pieces, they are my poetic self. And upon me to live in such a waythat this remains in the center of my choices.


On December 4 I’ll celebrate my 74th birthday. I’m getting older but over the span of the last decades I changed. And for the better. I’m my own man. I’m a happy man. A lot of this is connected to choices challenging me to opt for a more sensuous life.

Starting to work as dancer/performer/actor at retirement, after a long career as a civil servant, made it a core choice in my daily life. I started to feel more alive, greedy to live life to the fullest, without losing any of the wisdom I found before.

It’s a fitting choice for me, just before starting my 75th year on earth, to connect to this performance of Sisters Hope. I’ll be there next week. Hopefull.


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