IN THE CORRIDOR smiling faces, some well-known, some of strangers, quiet concentration.

Faces line up. Hands handling phones. Anticipation rising.

Stomach churning, but eye contact, yes, eye contact, easily found. Lean on it. Lean on what is light. Right: warm hand on veiled shoulder, sweaty shoulder, frail or strong shoulder.


What consideration!
What support – for all doubt,
For meager voices,
For me
For life in this
Cube of exploration

White space – green song
Warm voices – blue song

What gifts from
When you ask them to
Take my hand

What surprising generosity
We make life
More than words

Of echoes

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The Blackbird

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We will present our work and perspectives on sensuous learning and furthermore facilitate the Poetic Self exercise for DUFs work group.

Vibrations in air, the warmth expands the unspoken longing. Glue that enchants spaces between.   We move from particle existence to loosen grip, the hard understanding of reality. Each conscious act unpicks the molecular. ● ∘      ◌ ∴      ⋮ ⋯     ≍ ≋ ﹏ We become The Wave…