Will you hold a space for me?

Will you hold a space for me?
Will you welcome me home
at the end of a long day
if I come bringing pain
or shining with joy
with cleansing water
with your familiar scent
with your deep embrace
will you carry me
over the threshold
to a space where I can breathe?

Will you breathe life into me?
Will you remind me
that I do not have to do anything
to deserve existing
that it is okay to just be a body
that the only thing you expect of me
is my Heartbeat
Will you exist
in this world with me?

Will you sing for the dead with me?
Will you bury my body in leaves in the garden?
Will you dance my bones to sleep at night
and sing my spirit to life at Dawn?

Will you open up your heart with me?
Will you commit to sincerity
until I wear your truth on my skin
and you read me like an open book
of poetry
Will you carry the secret
I whispered to the back of your heart?

Will you grow your roots with me?
Will you connect them to mine
and others
so that we will feel at home
in each other
in reunion
after oceans of time
or seas of space
endeavour to separate us
Will you go from I to You to Us
will you expand beyond the limits of yourself
into a collective body?

Look into my eyes
Breathe with me
Ask me a question
and I will tell you the truth
I will hold a space for you.


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