The Geneva Project is an ongoing multi-disciplinary sensory experience where both the performer and the spectator are immersed in an environment that may be considered a dream space, a conjuring of worlds past, present and future, where time shifts in an instant, where light and dark operate simultaneously revealing the beauty and trauma of everyday life. Geneva is a conduit. Geneva brings to light that, which was once hidden.

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As part of the Danish Arts Foundation’s selection of cases for the ongoing Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year we will present Sensuous Governing which we hope will go on both a national and international tour to explore governance in a world where the sensuous and poetic is highly valued 🥚

  Walking through heather and fern onto a mountain hill   Laying on a bed of stones   they press into my body from different angles   Placing a hand on my stomach and wonder   where your stone is placed   Finding a puce rock weightless filled with pores…