The Flame’s biography

Whirling around in a dry forest The Flame ignited branches and bark eager to spread her heat and her whirling energy where ever she settled down. Soon, the fire she had started was burning uncontrollable, and as she looked back she saw burning trees everywhere and the heat was beyond endurance.

She dipped in a creek in order to bring the flames under control and then continued her way in the forest looking for somewhere to set fire; but she was cold and dripping with water and her bright colours was washed away in the creek. She found a cave where the reverb made her low crackling appear a bit louder.

When winter came she saw that she could not stay in the cage because warmth was needed outside. Bonfires was made in the forest and her flames was needed. She had dried over time in the cave and once again her flaming colours danced around the stacked wood and she saw that the warmth she could offer was needed indeed out here. As she burned the firewood she saw how the circle of stones, framing the bonfire, was a shield around her flames and how she could burn freely and uncontrollable inside of the stones.

She is collecting stones and firewood on her way through the forest, always balancing between fiery flames and smouldering embers. It is an eternal search so that she can burn on and strengthen others with her warmth.

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