Sisters Hope at Roskilde festival 2014

Sisters Hope (DK) is one of the four international performance groups exploring and activating the initimate and sensuous in the so-called Performance Sense Laboratory at this year’s Roskilde festival.

More pictures: Performance Sense Laboratory – Roskilde Festival 2014, day 1day 2day 3day 4. Photos by Diana Lindhardt.


Performance Sense Laboratory

The performance-program of Roskilde Festival 2014 focuses on how to activate the sensuous through different, yet related, performance-artistic approaches which all subscribe to an interactive and immersive performance art tradition. In a symphony of installed, intimate parallel-universal rooms, the performance artists Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (DK), Savage Amusement (AU/DE), Sisters Hope (DK) and Kata Halasz (UK) will explore how to evoke the sensuous and poetic mode of being and being together in the otherworldly space that the festival already is, which is accentuated in this year’s art zone. The light in the performance sense laboratory is designed by Ungt lys.


The exploration with the performance staff members have begun and amongst explored from a set of questions unfolding the lab tradition and performance as a tool to investigate…

You have been traveling with the Sisters for a while. You have created a school where the sensuous is at the core of all thinking, acting and being. Now you will reach out – not only students in a certain age – but all ages in a performance sense lab, where you will deepen your understanding of and exploration with the sensuous.

In a lab a certain logic or rigor is applied.  And fundamental question are: What is your research question? What is your hypothesis, how do you collect your results and how do you create categories? All these questions are lab – questions. But in order to answer them we start with the poetic self.

Questions to the poetic self:

Who are you right now?

Do you have a name right now?

Sense your poetic-body: Is there a certain energy connected to your poetic being – or several that your poetic being prefers?

Rethink when you met the Sisters the first time and you’ve choose to contribute?

What is your mission in life?



What do you want to explore in the lab? Your lab…

What is your hypotheses?

How do you want to explore it?

How do you want to collect your data?

In which form do you imagine that the results could be represented? Maybe there are several forms?

What is the logic in your lab?

When do you decide that you achieve a result?

Do you work with a set-up? Could the experiment fail in your laboratory?

If something can fail how do you re-do an experiment?

How do you prepare your human research object for your experiment? Maybe you have several strategies?

In what state of mind would you like to leave your human-research object?

What could be done in order to achieve this goal? Does this requires special instruments or obejcts?

How can your research be transmitted to The Sisters (who will pass it on into the secure hands of The Protector of the Archive)?